I'm Back

Sono tornato / Director: Luca Miniero / Country: Italy / Year: 2018

Feature Film Méliès d'Argent 2019
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival


A stout man in uniform wakes up at the Piazza Vittoro and notices with great contempt a bunch of dark skinned kids playing football. “We’re under attack”, he scornfully mumbles. He gets up, wipes the dust off his uniform and swiftly walks on until he gets to a newsstand. He sees the date and instantly faints. More than half a century after his death, Benito Mussolini finds himself back in Rome, in an Italy where populism prevails and anti-politics are deeply rooted. He meets laid off documentary filmmaker Andrea Canaletti who introduces him to the ultimate propaganda machine: television. The Italian people welcome him with open arms. Nothing seems to have changed… (source: BIFFF)

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