Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival

July 16 - 20, 2019 Ljutomer, Slovenia / Festival type: Adherent Members
Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival


Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival was spawned in 2005 on the 100th anniversary of Slovenian cinematography in Ljutomer, where the first Slovenian motion picture was made by Dr. Karol Grossmann.

Situated amongst endless wineyards Grossmann Fantastic Festival brings you a truly unique film & wine program. It is dedicated to true movie buffs, enthusiasts without prejudice, and those prepared to venture outside conventional limits of good taste and moral codes. We focus on fantastic, horrendous, fierce and cult movies, that reach beyond ordinary genre conventions.

Our aim is to return danger and boldness into modern-day cinema, which in its mediocrity, political correctness and pathetic desire for mass appeal loses more and more of it's former reputation, influence, creativity and therefore a lot of its audience. Grossmann is designed for this (in commercial sense) quieter, but much more dangerous and funny side of cinema, that pulls no punches, wallows in excess, political incorrectness and pushes the envelope over the hills and far away. But, in order to fully understand it, one must take time, enjoy the adrenalin-ridden ride and equip their most extreme sense of humour. Which is of course always much easier & enjoyable with a glass of great wine...


Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival
Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival
Presernova 2, 9240 Ljutomer, Slovenia
Festival Director: Peter Beznec
Federation Contact: Tomaz Horvat
Tel: +386 41 380 517
E-mail: info (at)

Award Winners

Films Director Country Type Year Award
The Box Dušan Kastelic Slovenia Short 2018 Short Film Méliès d'Argent
Under the Apple Tree Erik van Schaaik The Netherlands, Belgium Short 2017 Short Film Méliès d'Argent
Pearlies Pascal Thiebaux, Gil Pinheiro France, Luxembourg Short 2016 Short Film Méliès d'Argent
Loose Ends Stèphane Everaert Belgium Short 2015 Short Film Méliès d'Argent
24 hours with Lucia Marcos Cabotá Spain Short 2014 Short Film Méliès d'Argent
The Tale of the Wall Habitants Andrej Boka Serbia Short 2013 Short Film Méliès d'Argent
Legend Pau Teixidor Spain Short 2012 Short Film Méliès d'Argent
A Day in the Country Lucas Vossoughi Austria Short 2011 Short Film Méliès d'Argent

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